Rossi: Validation Document 140 Pages, "Scientific Magazine" to Publish Report.

I thought this comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics was worth a post of its own. I will add to it if more information is forthcoming:

Q: Dear Andrea Rossi
about the presentation in Zurich on September 8 and 9:
“Test results of the 600 degree E-Cat, validation by third party company”
Best regards
Giuliano Bettini

A:Dear Giuliano Bettini:
We will explain briefly the highlights of the report ( whose complete version is 140 pages long) and the data that eventually will be published in a scientific magazine.
Warm Regards.

The document Rossi is referring to is, of course, the report about the performance of the high temperature E-Cat modues that Rossi has said will be validated by third parties, and which he has said is of very high importance to Leonardo Corporation. If Rossi knows the length of the report at this time, it suggests it has already been completed.

The identity of the ‘scientific magazine’ that publishes data from the report is going to be interesting. If it is one of the well-known publications in the scientific world (e.g. Scientific American, New Scientist, Science News, etc.) it could bring a high level attention to Rossi’s work. If it is a lesser-known magazine it may not have the same effect. There have been reports that Popular Science have been working on a story about LENR, and may have covered Rossi and Defkalion, so perhaps that is the magazine he is referring to. Althought it’s a well known publication, it’s not really a publication that the scientific establishment looks to for authoritative content.