Rossi Wants to be Free from 'Imprisonment' of Electric Drive

Andrea Rossi has made some interesting comments lately about the possibilities of doing without the electric drive in his E-Cat systems. In all the E-Cats we have learned about to this point, an electric drive, which provides heat, is employed to both initiate and control the reactions in the E-Cat. We don’t know too much about the function of the drive, but it seems to be essential for the stability.

Rossi has acknowledged that this drive does not have to be electrical — but he has said to this point it is the most convenient source of heat. Recent comments indicate that he would like not to have to depend on electricity for the drive. Apart from anything else, electricity can be very expensive in certain parts of the world. It may be much cheaper to use natural gas, or perhaps even solar energy to provide the heat for the drive. Here are some comments from Rossi:

“It is possible to have other heat sources, but not easy because the heating must be precisely focused. We are working also on this issue”.

“There are big problems in the focusing. We are working on this, though: I hate any kind of constraint, and I want not to remain imprisoned in the necessity of electric drive for too long”.

Regarding natural gas as a heat source: “A burner implies a combustion room, a chimney… But we have to resolve this problem, we cannot be bound to electricity for ever”.

And in response to Hank Mills who proposed doing away with the drive altogether, and controlling the reactions by some other means, Rossi replied, “I understand you and you understand me. It’s matter of time”

We can see where Rossi wants to go here. He realizes that there are cost and infrastructure constraints with electricity that could actually make the E-Cat less cost effective than some traditional heat sources in some areas. The option of eliminating the drive altogether and using some other method to control the reaction is a most intriguing one, and if Rossi can crack that, the E-Cat would be even more incredible than it already is.