Rossi Pushing for E-Cat Stability at 1200 C [Updated]

It looks like Andrea Rossi is trying to max out the E-Cat. Not content with stable temperatures at 1000 C, he says he is trying to head higher. Today on the Journal of Nuclear physics he said:

We reached with the Hot Cats the temperature of 1 000 Celsius degrees: this makes closer the electric power production. With this temperature we can heat the steam up 600 Celsius, getting high efficiencies. In these very days we are working on it. We got a validation on the Hot Cat : tomorrow we will be working for 24 hours at 1 200 Celsius degrees. Unfortunately I have to invest on this my Summer Holidays…

With stable heat at 1000C making 600C steam, the E-Cat should be capable of powering the conventional steam turbines found in modern power plants. At 1200C one would expect steam temperatures even higher. One would expect, or at least hope that some people in the electricity generation industries might be paying attention by now. It’s hard for me to think of any scenario now in which Andrea Rossi would be simply telling lies about these marvelous achievements — unless he is completely insane. I hope that the upcoming validation reports that will be presented at the Zurich conference in September will help to show one way or another who Andrea Rossi really is.

UPDATE: Rossi made this report on the JONP today:

To Whom it may interest:
After the validation of the Hot Cat made on July 16th we made today another Third Party Validation, with the Certificator: the results have been the same of the test made on July 16th. The power of the Hot Cat is 10 kW. The maximum temperature we reached has been 1 200 Celsius. Of this validation will be made an indipendent report which will be published soon. This test has been performed in the Product Validation Process that we have asked after the Safety Certification. This test has been directed by an indipendent Nuclear Engineer who is leading the certification processes of the industrial plants.
We are extremely enthusiast of the work of today, because is the second time we get a third party validation in a month, getting the same results.
Warm Regards,

So it appears from this quote that Rossi may have another report coming out in addition to the one he will be reporting at the Zurich conference. It will be very important for Leonardo’s business prospects for these reports to start circulating among potential customers.