Brillouin Energy Paper for ICCF-17 Shows COP of 2+

A number of people had been anticipating information from Brillouin Energy from the NIWeek conference, but so far none has been forthcoming — however, a paper by Brillouin has recently been uploaded by New Energy Times that will be presented at the upcoming ICCF-17 conference in South Korea.

The paper is authored by Robert Godes, Robert George, Francis Tanzella, and Michael McKubre, and provided a detailed description of, and data from a number of experiments in which their Quantum Reactor technology sends ‘Q’ pulses through nickel hydride. Brillouin states that they always see excess heat produced when the Q pulses are tuned to the “resonance of the hydride conductors.”

Brillouin states that they have been able to reach a maximum of 110 per cent excess energy from this system, and that “Recent data shows that excess heat production was in the range of 110% for 2 hours”. They say they are now moving to improve upon these results and hope to reach a COP of 3 soon.

Brillouin’s web site states that they have recently entered into their first licensing agreement, which covers three nation, and they indicate that their first target market is the commercial boiler market.

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