"The Radiations are Turned Into Heat"

Like many people, I have been examining picture of the Hot Cat leaked out of the Leonardo labs by Mr. Cures and of course notice that there is an opening through which we can see the almost white-hot interior of the reactor can be seen.

One may naturally wonder, if there is a nuclear reaction taking place, what about the harmful gamma rays that are released during the operation of the E-Cat? Wouldn’t an open reactor like this put health and life at risk. In ‘normal’ nuclear fission reactors, shielding many feet thick must be used to prevent harmful doses of radiation from leaking out.

A reader on the JONP website today asked Rossi about the radiation issue: “Doesn’t this test device leak gammas ?”

Rossi responded: “No, the radiations are turned into heat, as you will see in the report we will publish soon released by the certification nuclear engineer”

One of the things to look out for in the upcoming tests that are to be released is the levels of radiation measured. I am sure that the radiation level issue will be one of the biggest challenges that Rossi will need to overcome. It takes years and years of work to be able to install a conventional nuclear plant, mainly because of the high levels of safety precautions that have to be taken with the radioactive materials involved. If an E-Cat can do the same job as a fission plant, without any of the same concerns about radiation, then Rossi and Leonardo Corp. should be in a position to be a major supplier of heat and power throughout the world. The simplicity of the Hot Cat reactor, along with the abundance of the materials used to power it would seem to make it the obvious choice for power producers everywhere.