Little Doubt Now that Cold Fusion is Real

It has been an almost dizzying couple of weeks in the LENR/Cold Fusion world. It seems like every day now we are hearing interesting and important news from a variety of camps, and the news that emerges seems to repeatedly confirm that the excess heat effect that was first reported by Pons and Fleischmann is real and that people are figuring out ways to make it show up far more consistently than in the early days of cold fusion research.

From presentations and papers at NI Week and ICCF-17 we have been hearing positive reports from the likes of Defkalion, Celani, Brillouin and others that they are getting positive results from their testing — measurable excess energy that does not seem to be able to be explained away as just a measurement error.lp

Having Francesco Celani demonstrating his reactor at NI Week with the help of NI personnel, and showing his positive results on NI instruments was a marvellous achievement, which seemed to have been impressive to National Instruments staff as well as others. Celani has just released a new report which provides a more detailed description about his LENR device than was previously available. I think we will find Celani’s work will be studied very carefully by people interested in understanding and replicating the nickel-hydrogen LENR reaction.

In addition to all the information coming out of the conferences is the activities going on at Leonardo Corp. The ‘Cures’ leaks have provided a glimpse of inside happenings in the Rossi labs — from the famous ‘hot cat’ photograph we now know what a high temperature E-Cat looks like, and have a new level of confirmation that Andrea Rossi has not just been sitting at his computer making stuff up about non-existent devices.

For a long time now, I haven’t had any real doubts about the reality of the cold fusion effect — there has already been plenty of evidence put out in the public domain to indicate that there is a new energy producing phenomenon available to us. The events of this week have served to confirm what I have long thought, and I expect they may have been convincing to many other people as well.

I think the big question now will be whether this effect can be put to practical use in the world. Some may say that there is indeed an effect, but it may be too small to be of much value in solving our energy problems. I would respond to that challenge by saying that we are in the early days of this technology. The science is being explored, and once it is understood sufficiently, engineers can get involved in trying to develop commercial systems operating at higher power levels.

And then of course, there is Andrea Rossi who seems already to be working on the kilowatt and megawatt levels of power — plenty of power that can be used in many settings. I realize there are still many people who have yet to be persuaded by Rossi’s claims, and I think he realizes this, and is now apparently ready to release more validation of his claims and promises “signed” reports to be released soon. I personally don’t believe that the Cures leaks were orchestrated by Andrea Rossi, but he doesn’t seem to be to upset about more information leaking out. Indeed today he seemed happy to provide dimensions of the high temperature E-Cat (“the diameter of the internal cylinder is 30 mm, the diameter of the external cylinder is 90 mm, the length of both is 330 mm.”)

So we are at an interesting point in the cold fusion story. It seems clear to me that there is little doubt that a new form or energy is available to us. I hope it won’t be too long before we can start using it to help deal with many of the energy problems that face our world.