Rossi says Publication Release Day is September 10th . . . or 8th

For some time Andrea Rossi has been talking about the release of a report providing data about his high temperature E-Cat reactors and which will include validation from third parties. Rossi today has given us a pretty firm idea of when this information will be released — although there are two different dates mentioned. Here are two comments from the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

“On the 10th of September the report will be published, after the presentation of the same at the 1st Convention of the World Licensees of Leonardo Corporation that will be made in Zurich.”

“On the 8th of September we will publish on scientific magazines the complete report.”

There is a slight discrepancy here, but the dates are very close, so it seems that by the 10th of September at the latest the report will be published. I recently asked Rossi if I may receive a copy of the report to publish on E-Cat World, and he said he would send me the report “within September 10th”, so I am assuming the second date is more likely. I suppose it is possible that the magazines will receive their reports a bit earlier than some other web sites, since they may need some time to get them ready for print publication. According to Rossi, the published report will bear the signatures of those involved in the testing, which include Domenico Fioravanti (a.k.a. Cures), and six professors from two universities.

In addition to this report, there will apparently be a separate test carried out by the University of Bologna which Rossi says will be an official report with results published by University. The date for this test has not been specified, but Rossi says that it will be carried out “within the half of October” — presumably he means during the first half of October.

So, if everything goes according to plan, there will be some interesting information coming out in the near future, which will apparently not be only a “Rossi says” statement — but will apparently include validation from qualified professionals.