Rossi Suggests More Than Transmutation Taking Place

Here’s an interesting exchange from Andrea Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Dear dr. Rossi,
last few months I carry in my mind this question:

a) A sum of output energy from E-Cat is equivalent to sum of all transmuted materials plus all energy inputs ?

b) A sum of output energy from E-Cat is many times bigger then equivalent of all transmuted materials (in fuel) plus all energy inputs ?

I have this heretic hypothesis, that b) is in order.

Dear Guru:
b) is better.
Warm Regards,.

There has been a lot of speculation on the theoretical basis of LENR reactions — different theories have been proposed. Andrea Rossi rarely discusses his theory behind the operations of the E-Cat, often saying that he will only make his theory public once patents have been secured. He has said however that through the years that he has been working on his discovery that he feels they now have a good understanding of what is going on — and that his understanding has changed over time. In fact, he says the ability to produced the high heat of the ‘hot cats’ came about because of a new level of understanding. Now he suggests that more than transmutation accounts for the energy produced in the reaction.