Video of Panel Discussion on LENR at NI Week

I may be a bit slow here, but I just came across this video of the interesting panel discussion that took place at NI Week in Austin, Texas about LENR (or what Dr. Rob Duncan likes to call “Anomalous Heat Effect”). On the panel are Rob Duncan of the University of Missouri, Andrea Aparo of Ansaldo Energia SpA, Dr. Akito Takahashi of Osaka University, Frank Gordon of the US Navy SPAWAR Systems Center), and Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International.

In the first part of the video, the panel members discuss the work they have been involved in and comment on the future of the field. In the second part there is a question and answer session which includes remarks from Francesco Celani, Alex Xanthoulis of Defkalion, and Peter Hagelstein of MIT.

The video is made by an audience member, and in places the sound quality is not the best, but most of the time it is not hard to follow. I think the exposure that was given to LENR during NI Week has done a lot to generate new interest in the field, and there could be far-reaching effects from what was discussed during the conference.