Engineering News (SA) Publishes Article on LENR

South African trade magazine Engineering News has published a quite positive article abut LENR written by Jeremy Wakeford which reviews the current state of affairs in the field.  Entitled “LENR appears to be gathering steam”, the article discusses the work of some of the key players in the field — Francesco Celani, Andrea Rossi, Robert Godes — and also talks about NASA’s involvement, providing quotes from Dennis Bushnell.

Wakeford mentions two possible explanations of the LENR phenomenon, the Widom-Larsen weak interaction theory, and Robert Godes’ Controlled Electron Capture Reactions theory. In concluding the article he writes, “the evidence seems to be accumulating – and the supporting theories slowly catching up – that human society may, over the coming years, undergo an energy revolution on the scale of the fossil fuel revolution or the discovery and use of electricity.”

While there is not too much new information in the article, it is good review of some of the recent developments in LENR , and it’s interesting and quite unusual to see such a  positive assessment of the field in a serious and fairly widely read publication. Facts and statistics about Engineering News can be found here.