Rossi: Certification of Industrial E-Cats Complete

Andrea Rossi has mentioned lately that certification process of the industrial strength E-Cat plants has been underway — now he says the process has been completed. Here’s the Q & A on the Journal of Nuclear Physics

The last several months you have been very upbeat about two issues in your comments on this website.
1. That it soon will be enough confirmed and verified information about LENR for ordinary main stream media and journalist to write for their readers in laymen terms.
2. That you very soon will have a valid certification for your industry eCat.
Do you still have the same positive view on above issues?? ..

Thank you for your important questions.
Here are the answers:
1- Yes
2- The safety certification process for the industrial plants has been made. Besides this, within October will be finished and published the indipendent validation test made by a University.

Having safety certification for these industrial plants would obviously be a great step forward for Leonardo Corporation, as it would mean the plants can be marketed now to the wide range of businesses that could benefit from using E-Cat technology. Without certification, Rossi has been limited to working with military institutions, who are not subject to the same rules that industries must abide by. It will be interesting to find out, if possible, upon what conditions these certifications are granted, and how they are obtained.

In his other answers, Rossi refers again to the upcoming test that he has said previoulsy will be published by the University of Bologna, and in question 1, seems to be referring to an installed working E-Cat plant that he has said will at some point be open to visitors.

We have been waiting for a long time for more information to be made public about the E-Cat — maybe the time is coming when it will be getting a larger public profile.