The Guardian Publishes Fleischmann Obituary by Brian Josephson

The Guardian newspaper has published an obituary of Martin Fleischmann written by Nobel prize winning physicist and public supporter of cold fusion technology, Brian Josephson. In addition to outlining the life and work of Fleischmann Josephson also attempts to explain some of the controversy surrounding his cold fusion claims.

He tells the story of how in early experimentation with hydrogen and palladium:

returning to the laboratory after one weekend, when the apparatus had been turned off, the pair found that so much heat had been produced that a large hole had been melted into the bench and concrete floor.

Josephson also explains that while some attempts at replication were unsuccessful, others, such as those done by Michael McKubre of SRI International, and at Los Alamos National laboratory did succeed.

The Guardian is one of the world’s most widely read newspapers with an online presence that takes its influence far beyond the United Kingdom where it is published, and a fair and positive article Martin Fleischmann’s work with cold fusion could spur some new interest in the topic.

Josephson concludes by saying that due to recent research cold fusion is now showing signs of being a promising source of practical energy: ‘It may well transpire that, in the words of one cold fusion entrepreneur: “The market will decide.”‘

If you don’t know who he is quoting, watch this video.