Obama Issues Executive Order on Combined Heat and Power in Industry

I thought this was an interesting executive order issued this week by President Obama in the light of things we have been discussing here. Combined heat and power, or cogeneration, is the process of generating both heat and electricity from a heat source like a boiler — and it is something that E-Cat technology would certainly seem suited for. The intent of the Executive Order is to increase fuel efficiency and make US manufacturing more competitive by encouraging the use of waste heat to be used to create electricity.

Here’s a link to the full text of the order, followed by some some excerpts.


” While our manufacturing facilities have made progress in becoming more energy efficient over the past several decades, there is an opportunity to accelerate and expand these efforts with investments to reduce energy use through more efficient manufacturing processes and facilities and the expanded use of combined heat and power (CHP). Instead of burning fuel in an on site boiler to produce thermal energy and also purchasing electricity from the grid, a manufacturing facility can use a CHP system to provide both types of energy in one energy efficient step. Accelerating these investments in our Nation’s factories can improve the competitiveness of United States manufacturing, lower energy costs, free up future capital for businesses to invest, reduce air pollution, and create jobs. . .

“The Departments of Energy, Commerce, and Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency, in coordination with the National Economic Council, the Domestic Policy Council, the Council on Environmental Quality, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, shall coordinate policies to encourage investment in industrial efficiency in order to reduce costs for industrial users, improve U.S. competitiveness, create jobs, and reduce harmful air pollution. In doing so, they shall engage States, industrial companies, utility companies, and other stakeholders to accelerate this investment.”

While I am sure that this order was not issued with E-Cat of LENR in mind, but it may make the climate more favorable for the implementation of E-Cats, or other LENR systems in industrial settings. More discussion on this executive order can be found here.