Rossi on Certification, Desalination, Charity

It’s kind not normal for Andrea Rossi to cover a lot of different topics in a single post, but today there was an exception. A couple of different posters asked Rossi some questions about desalination, and the possibility of using a charity, or starting a non profit to organize a E-Cat desalination plant in a third world country. One suggestion was that it could be possible to install an E-Cat plant in a country where certification would not be required. Here is Rossi’s response to the idea:

First of all, the certification process must be completed in Europe or in the USA at least before we make an installation, and this is valid also for Africa: it is deonthologically unacceptable to install a not certified apparatus in a Country just because in that Country the safety issues are not addressed.
We have no experience in desalination yet, and this operation can be made only after we will know exactly the problem. After that, there are many problems to think about, first of all the problem of the defence of the technology, that in those situations can be very critic: who makes secure the place? That is an action that will be possible only after our plants will be already diffused, the Intallectual Property well defined and our experience in desalination consolidated. We got the idea and we will take in account it: when we will set up our system of charity we will think about this and will look not for charity organizations, but directly to the utilizers, as well as we will give the money for children cancer care directly to the families, to avoid to pay wages of “non profit” organizations managers, secretaries etc instead of paying healthcare.

Some things to learn from this response.

  • Rossi is opposed to skirting safety certification requirements, even if they are not legally necessary.
  • Leonardo has not looked at using the E-Cat for desalination yet but plans to do so.
  • Leonardo is very concerned about the safety and security of its intellectual property. Putting E-Cats in remote places is seen by Rossi as being risky in terms of the possibility of the secrets of the E-Cat being stolen. It seems a controlled diffusion of the technology is a priority for Rossi at the moment, and his preference seems to be to put them in environments where he feels most confidence in legal and technical systems being in place to protect IP.
  • There a plans for Leonardo to have some kind of ‘system of charity’ in which they will provide funds directly to recipients. Rossi seems not to have a high regard for non profit organizations.