New Interview with Francesco Celani

The Italian web site has published a new interview with Francesco Celani, famous now for the LENR device which he has demonstrated at recent conferences in Texas and South Korea. The interview covers a number of interesting topics. As best as I can determine from the Google translated article, here are some of his main points.

Andrea Rossi — Celani thinks Rossi has discovered something but can’t control it.
National Instruments — Very impressed with CEO James Truchard, who was personally involved in helping Celani set up the instrumentation to measure his device.
Palladium — He thinks palladium could be used in this reaction, but prefers to use nickel which is far cheaper.
Gamma Rays — They have not been able to detect gamma rays when hydrogen has been used in the reactor — only with deuterium.
Commercialization — Celani has been funded by private entrepreneurs who prefer to remain anonymous. His projection is to be able to create heat at 100 euros per kW, and electricity at 300 euros per kW. Here’s the exact text from the Google translation on this point:

“Simply put, with 300 euros you can get 3 kW and 1 kW electric heat: this value is the average power electricity consumed in a private house in a day (ie 24kWh/giorno). Suppose instead of using it as heating, with 1000 euro investment in wires (most obviously controls / pumps), you warm all winter and not just for one year.”

If there are any Italian speakers out there I would be most grateful if you could correct any of the above, or add any more important details from the interview.