New Energy Developments: Concepts and Conceptual Generator (Guest post)

The following has been submitted by E-Cat World reader Gordon Docherty and has been submitted as a first draft for encouraging cross fertilization of ideas.

Over the last two years, it is hard to deny that there has been much activity in the field of, what I term loosely here, “New Energy Developments”, developments that seek new ways of providing energy other than through the use of traditional fossil fuels, fission reactors, and often wind/wave/solar farms. A quick trawl of the Internet quickly reveals there are many approaches being taken:

At the lower end:

  • MIT’s NANOR device (yes, that MIT) that has continued to pour out excess energy for over six months – and it is tiny

In the middle there is:

  • Brillouin energy, working together with (the) SRI to develop commercial wet and dry boiler systems – their technology has been replicated by Los-Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Blacklight Power, who have a system, based on a process they call Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition (or CIHT) that has been solidly validated by leading experts from MIT, CalTech and Rowan University, that produces electricity from the conversion of water vapour (as feedstock) to a new form of Hydrogen, with no less than six studies by academic and industry experts validating this breakthrough non-polluting energy source based on Blacklight Power’s Hydrino theory.

At the very top-end (energy-wise) there is:

  • Rossi’s e-cat, now reportedly working at a COP of 6 and at 1200 degrees Centigrade and in a form suitable to work even with Stirling engines and highly efficient turbines making use of the Carnot Cycle: the forth-coming event in Zurich on September 8th 2012 is expected to reveal more…
  • NanoSpire Inc., now producing cavitation zero point energy and fusion systems capable of easily scaling up to provide large scale production of hot water that not only create energy, but do so by what they have dubbed the LeClair Effect, an intense “bow wave” effect that triggers fusion, fission and large scale elemental transmutation – starting from water, they can produce elements all the way up the periodic table (for those worried about this last technology, it produces nothing that governments don’t already have access to, and would be an effective way to produce rarer elements, including Gold, Diamond (Carbon), Neodymium, without the need to demolish half a mountain or burn down a forest, so potentially having the added benefit of alleviating elemental scarcity – and the conflicts that result).

These technologies and approaches are all very interesting (and viable) in their own right. There also appear to be certain commonalities underlying these approaches. So, with this in mind, I started to think about whether a “conceptual generator” could be developed based on these (demonstrated) effects to provide a means by which the differing approaches could be considered, compared and contrasted, a “Rosetta Stone” for facilitating discussion and the sharing of ideas between each approach. The result is a document (below) that briefly considers these underlying effects and presents the first rough-draft design of this “conceptual generator”. It is my hope that this document be freely used to stimulate discussion and so some useful ideas for new experiments and developments in the field of “New Energy Developments”

New Energy Developments – Concepts and Conceptual Generator (2)