Zurich E-Cat Conference Thread (Day 2)

Here’s open thread to discuss the events of Day 2 of the Zurich E-Cat conference.

The live stream can be followed here here

At the moment Andrea Rossi is answering questions from the audience. I did not catch it all but he did mentions working with someone from Siemens

On transmutation from nickel to copper — when they started work, Rossi and Focardi thought that this transmutation was at the heart of this process, now they have changed their thinking. Rossi is convinced this is a side effect that comes from the production of low energy gamma rays. Copper is produced in only tiny amounts — ‘picograms’. Transmutation is not the main process. His theory has ‘substantially changed’.

Now they are extremely focused on producing electric power — not doing primary research on using materials other than nickel. He says if they can make electricity they will be able to adapt the system so they can create an infinite COP — fulfil Nikola Tesla’s dream. He wants to make a difference in combating poverty as soon as possible.

Question time now over. Much applause.

22passi.blogspot.com has a link to a slideshow in which Siemens is mentioned as a partner helping with the hot cat: http://22passi.blogspot.com/2012/09/e-cat-in-corso-di-sviluppo-con-siemens.html

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