Report from Zurich Conference Attendee

The following report has been submitted by E. Günther who attended this weekend’s E-Cat Conference in Zurich. Many thanks!

1) Many interesting people from different areas there. Quite some interested physicists like me but even more with less scientific but more business interest. Also there was a slight touch of esoterism. Of course rossi is on the way of becoming sort of a Messiah for all suppressed scientists (and those who think they are or are for a reason 🙂 ). A hand full of reporters, quite some representatives from large organisations or consortium.

2) Going through the talks and summarizing:

a) On day one the only enlightened was the Rossi talk. Even though is was quite the opposite of packed with facts, I was interesting to see that the repot about the hot cat was done very carefully to not give any hold to criticism. I hope the report is the scientific coming out for Rossi.

b) Day two started with the Rossi discussion. From the scientific point of view my colleagues and my question was the most enlightening moment of the discussion and may be for the weekend: Rossi told very openly that he changed his opinion from his viewpoint that the energy comes from transmutation to that the transmutation of Ni is a byproduct of Gamma decay. He said, they measured in special experiments gammas with 40-100 kev. I guess all physicist like me and my friend were intrigued since there is no common decay resulting in such gamma energies. Normally you talk MeV with Gamma decays. But it is excactly what you would excpect from bremsstrahlung of a beta particle in the lattice. And beta decay of 4H to 4He is excactly what is proposed by Widom & Larson or Brioullin Energy and others. So my friend asked about Rossi’s measurement of 4He which you can measure down to 1 Atom. Rossi’s pause and reaction was hard to interpret. I have to look at his face again on youtube. He answered “Your question is very smart, and I agree”.

Everyone laughed. Hard to say if he just had a moment of insight or he already did this measurement and found exactly that and did not want to comment on it.

Other interesting remarks were about scaling: “Just stack them”, about hot-cat: “Within Month”, about tests: “wait for reports or buy and test yourself”.

c) Dr. Hans Weber held an interesting talk about converting heat. I have to check the physics first before I comment on it. His idea seems appealing. Quantisizing the entropy. His experiment would be both: A simple proof of this idea and a highly effective and cheap way to convert heat to electrical energy.

d) The talk of William donavan and Roger Green was an example of good research. They had Rossi’s attention 100%. Rossi will work with them on desalination and water purification.

3) To conclude for me: I am now pretty convinced that Rossi has what he claims. I wasn’t before. Rossi is now open about his theoretical unawareness of the physics. But all his data he published fits with what other more scientific groups found. Him being so covered became much more logic to me. First he had to look to not become a too big target of very powerful organisations. Second, from him being obviously not sure about what is happening I conclude that his devices are
likely even much simpler than expected. Every information might have set someone one in front of the race, especially if it is someone who understands the underlying physics better. So you can go though Rossi’s last 2 years and will find that from that point of view he acted very smart indeed: Nobody believed him or at least not to a level to destroy or copy him. Diversion is a smart move.