Sterling Allan of PESN Reports on Zurich Conference

Sterling Allan of PESN has published a report of his experience at the Zurich E-Cat conference, and has provided some interesting details that have not yet come out of previous reports. He reports spending a lot of his time at the conferencewith Roger Green and William Donovan of E-Cat Australia, and also spoke with other attendees and seems to have gleaned some useful information in his discussions. Here are some quotes from his article:

A little secret I’ll let you in on is that Rossi does have self-looped data for the Hot-Cat, but chose not to release that at this time. Self-looped is effectively a COP of infinity. One likely reason for Rossi holding back on that data is that the present stipulation of the safety certification requires that the unit not be self-looped. This is partially because if the input is externally derived, such as from natural gas, then it can be shut off, stopping the reaction; whereas in a self-looped system, such a rapid shut-off would not be as easy.

Within a couple of months, a 1 MW unit is supposed to be installed in Northern Italy that will be able to be inspected by potential buyers. I talked to someone at the conference who may purchase one in Hawaii, and he would gladly let people come see it. Human nature is such that there are few who dare to be first, while most people race to be second.

The self looping referred to here would seem to be the using some of the heat produced by the E-Cat to power its own drive. I am guessing that he has not tried using electricity yet, because of statements from Rossi where he mentions they are still working on being able to produce electricity from the E-Cat. The information here is sketchy, and Allan does not say who told him about this self-looping, but it would not be surprising to me to find that Rossi has been trying all kinds of experiments as he puts the Hot Cat through its paces in the R&D process.

The full report from Sterling Allan can be read here.