Rossi Responds to Allegations about Safety Certificate

Andrea Rossi has made the following statement in response to allegations from Gary Wright that Leonardo does not have certification for the 1 MW E-Cat.

Dear Giuseppe B.:
Mr “Gary Wright” (a false name that the coward snake – The Snake- is using for cowardice) has contacted SGS in an unproper way and has put an unproper question.
So he published on his newbogusenergybricolage that we do not have a SGS certificate. This is the evidence, as if there was any necessity, that when the Snake ( or, better, the puppet Snake) writes, he usually publishes a falsity.
Within hours you will find our Voluntary Safety Certificate.
So you will see who is that says the truth and who is that has an agenda.
Now we are very close to make a plant able to make power, and the puppeteers are trying all they can to discredit us: this is why I am caring not too much of the mumbojumbo growing up around and focus on the factory where we are making the real work. But from the violence of the attacs you can read the fear they have of the fact that we are making it. Not to mention the blackmails and the threats I am receiving on dayly scale. Just let me work and we’ll see.
Warm Regards,

I’m not exactly sure what a Voluntary Safety Certificate is, but here’s something from SGS about voluntary certification schemes: Rossi talks about making something available “within hours”, so hopefully we will know soon what he means.