Wired Publishes Cold Fusion Review

A new article entitled “Cold fusion: smoke and mirrors, or raising a head of steam?” written by David Hambling has been published in Wired.co.uk about the current state of affairs in the world of cold fusion/LENR. For those who have been following the news, there really isn’t much new information, but Hambling does a good job of hitting on some of the most important stories that have been going on over the last few months. He covers Rossi, Celani, Brillouin, Defkalion and also discusses NASA and Boeing’s interest in using LENR in aircraft. Hambling includes quotes from Steven Krivit of New Energy Times who believes that the most important event of the last few months was the death of Martin Fleischmann, which represented the end of an era.

The article concludes on a positive note and indicates the potential for practical applications of cold fusion technology

The field is looking less like the domain of tinkering eccentrics; increasingly it seems to be getting taken seriously as a business proposition. Technology is being licensed and companies are being set up. In the words of the Boeing/Nasa report: “LENR technology is potentially game-changing to not just aviation, but the worldwide energy mix as well. This technology should be followed to determine feasibility and potential performance.”

It’s nice to see accurate coverage of cold fusion in a widely read publication. It all helps towards raising awareness among the public.