New Interview with Aldo Proia, E-Cat Licensee

The International Business Times has published a new interview with Aldo Proia, CEO of Prometeon srl, Italian Licensee for the E-Cat. Prioa covers much of the same ground that he has discussed in previous interviews, but there are some interesting points worth mentioning.

  • When asked whether he is sure of the E-Cat’s validity, he says that he has never had any doubts. He says that he has researched the technology thoroughly using qualified physicists and engineers who had access to information through confidential channels. Proia states:

We knew that the maximum COP apparatus – taken to extremes not be proposed because commercially unstable – was about 200, a tremendous value. This means that even if Rossi had missed a measure of energy by a factor of 2, there would be no particular problems to ensure the customer the COP 6 guaranteed, because essentially the E-Cat is a Ferrari that is made to walk like a turtle.

  • Proia hopes that eventually the Italian government might encourage the E-Cat as a means of saving businesses money, and thus spurring the hiring of employees.
  • He mentions that he has had lots of interest — 2000 emails in a month and a half, but he now must turn his attention to customers.
  • He sees no serious competitive threat to the E-Cat on the horizon — the only threat that could come, he says, is from someone who got unauthorized access to Rossi’s technology.
  • Payback on the thermal E-Cat is estimated at less than five years, and beyond that time,  a savings of about a quarter of a million Euros per year.
  • He mentions that both Leonardo and Prometeon monitor the web and keeping track of malicious comments about E-Cat technology. He states that there could be future lawsuits against people who spread falsehoods to damage the business interests of the companies.

A Google translated version of the article can be read here.