Summary of Città del Capo Radio Metropolitana Interview With Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi has recently been interviewed by the Bologna-based Città del Capo Radio Metropolitana, which has been published in a series of 8 videos. The Interview is in Italian, so I am extremely grateful to E-Cat World reader Renzo for providing the following summary for English speakers.

Part 1 – Tesla’s dream
The theory explaining how it works will be published once the international patent will be granted (now it is pending). Rossi doesn’t want to end up like Meucci.

Part 2 – The Theory
2 years ago Rossi and Focardi believed that energy production was due to transmutation of Nickel into Copper. In these years, all the experiments have made it very difficult to believe that the process was so. The main effect is the thermalization of low-energy Gamma (50-120 keV). The transmutation of Nickel into Copper is a side effect. In fact they have found traces of Copper in the dust, but this does not justify the energy produced, because they should have found more copper.

Part 3 – Regarding Siemens:
The journalist asked if the production of electricity is in development in collaboration with Siemes as stated on the Prometeon presentation (but they deleted that part a few days ago). Rossi looks surprised and says it is totally wrong, he explains that he’s doing a research with swedish Siemens in order to optimize a turbine for adapting to the ecat for maximum efficiency. Siemens is a supplier but not involved in research at all. He asked Siemens what kind of use the ecat could be good for and their R&D center of Stockolm studied the question and also sent a consulting engineer to Bologna to do some measurements, they made some proposals and a study is underway. That’s it.

Part 4 – The tests underway
Their purpose is studying “How much energy?” not “How does it work?”

Part 5 – Regarding the criticism and skeptics.
Those who shout for independent tests are either adversaries or competitors from traditional energy or renowable energy subisidied with taxpayers’ money. According to them “independent” means “done by them.” But this is not independent, is made from the competition.
The criticism should be divided into two categories.
First category: scientists paid by competitors. For these, if Rossi walked on water they would say that he can not swim.
Second category: intelligent skeptics, who are skeptical for example, because Rossi has not yet published the theory. These are skeptical in a noble sense. For these people Rossi has the greatest respect and understands them,

Part 6 – Andrea Rossi and Tesla’s dream
Rossi is ready to sell 1MW thermal plants to civilian customers, last year he sold one to a military customer since they have no problems with safety certifications. The plant in Bologna used for the october 2011 presentation had many faults and it is still there because he build a second one for the military. He estimates the life of a plant is 20-30 years and the cost is repaid after 3 years at most.

Part 7 – Andrea Rossi e il sogno di Tesla
The home ecat will take time because the safety issues are greater, last year he underestimated the time required

Part 8
The hotcat is still in R&D, measurements are underway and Rossi is cautious. When possible he will try to produce electricity. It will be virtually infinite energy with self sustaining mode. What will happen then? The answer politically correct is “all will be integrated etc. etc ” but the real answer is that if this technology is fully developed, it is a TOTAL REVOLUTION. “