'A Wonderful Work' [Updated]

Andrea Rossi seems especially happy in his latest post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Dear Readers:
We are making in Miami a wonderful work. We are raching tremendous results with the High temperature reactors. We will give the results as soon as possible, but I, honestly, think we are working well. The measurements are taken by the peer reviewers of the formers Testers. The results are the same, but we made substantial improvenents. We have been able to eliminate the internal cylinder without melting the reactor, so now the measurements are easier. We have the electric power, this is the truth.
Andrea Rossi, from Miami, Florida, USA.

Andrea Rossi obviously loves to talk about his work — it is something that he is totally consumed in, something he has dedicated his life to, and he seems to want to share good news about it through posts such as this. On the other hand, he also very tight-lipped about those things which he considers confidential — the trade secrets, and the inner operations of his business, and his associations with external parties. As he has said many times, he likes to work in peace.

With the stakes being so high — huge changes in the world of energy production if the promise of the E-Cat can be realized — many people are intensely curious about Rossi and his work, but it can be obviously frustrating for many who just want to see the technology in action. So there is tension and suspense in the current situation and I don’t think we have any choice but to wait and see how all this plays out. Personally, I am glad to hear updates such as the one above. Rossi could choose to be as silent as the grave about all he is involved in, and we would be in the dark.

So my philosophy is to take all the information we can get, evaluate it carefully, use good judgment and continue to monitor the situation. The news seems encouraging, and I look forward to a resolution of all this sometime down the road.

[UPDATE] I asked Rossi on his JONP site what he meant when he said “We have the electric power”, and he responded:

Dear Frank Acland:
I meant that we are very close to make a plant able to make electric power, because the high temperature prototype is going extremely well.
So far…
Warm Regards,