Rossi on Hydro Fusion Episode: 'Too Much is Too Much'

Andrea Rossi just posted a rather lengthy post (for him) in response to a comment about the Swedish company Hydro Fusion’s testing of the Hot Cat about which they reported that tests did not show any excess heat coming from the device.

Rossi makes a number of points in his post about this episode. Here are some of  the main ones.

  • The Swedish tester was at Rossi’s factory for only four hours, and left before the hot cat reached ‘the right power’.
  • The instruments the tester used gave faulty readings. A test showed that their instrument incorrectly measured a 60 W light bulb as consuming 200 W. Rossi said his team’s instrument measured the light bulb correctly.
  • The Swedish company were seeking to invest money in Leonardo Corp. by buying shares, but Rossi said there was nothing close to an agreement between the two parties.
  • The dealings between the two parties were under NDA; nevertheless Hydro Fusion issued a press release about the issue.
  • Rossi was asked after a few days to ‘explain particulars regarding the charge’ but he ignored the message.
  • Tests on the Hot Cat are still underway, and in November a final report will be published about the version of the hot cat which will be decided on for industrialization.

He concludes by saying, “In this period, while we are working in our factories across the Atlantic Ocean 16 hours per day and during which thanks to our technlogy we are making jobs, investments and products that will give something useful to the world, we have to stand a Niagara falls of chatters and stupidities, but we have not time to answer. This is why I let the chatters go free around… but too much is too much.”

It will be interesting to see if there is any response to Rossi’s account by Hydro Fusion.