What Would Happen if the E-Cat Secrets Were Revealed?

I have read in a number of places people hoping and calling for Andrea Rossi to spill the beans and just go ahead and reveal his secrets for the benefit of humanity. We know that that is not his approach, and it seems to me that it is unlikely that he is going to change his mind. Here are a couple of Rossi’s comments the topic of open sourcing his technology:

“As for the development of the technology: the maximum development can be reached with the maximum investments. Nobody could invest significantly in a technology without having exclusive rights on it. When a thing is own by everybody nobody gives value to it. The story of communism has teached this to us. We and our licensee will put all our force to develope this tech . . .

“Nobody would invest anything in a non proprietary technology.”

I see the logic of his philosophy, and also understand the sentiments of those who wish that his secrets were revealed so that a revolutionary technology (assuming it is real) could be come the property of the whole world.

Personally I am not invested fully in either approach. Naturally I want to know as much as I can about what makes the E-Cat work, and I also would like to see something with as much potential benefit as I believe this technology has, to be made available to people everywhere.

The question I would like to throw out to readers here is what do you think would be the practical consequences, short term and long term, if Rossi one day decided to give up on he proprietary approach and give away his secrets? We’re talking real world here, not what would happen in an ideal world.

I am anticipating some divergent opinions on this question, so please, be nice to one another!