Program for Pordenone E-Cat Conference

Here’s a translated version of the program for the October 12 E-Cat conference in Pordenone, Italy. The original Italian version can be read here

E-Cat | Energy safely and efficiently?

Event Date:
Friday, October 12, 2012 – 15:00
There is no doubt that the problem of management of energy resources has always been of fundamental importance in relation to the potential development of a nation, the equilibrium supranational economic and political but also social and environmental balances.

This problem is now even more urgent and needs to find new “ways” or alternative technologies that make it possible to optimize the energy mix of a country in relation to all these factors.

In this context, Technological Pole and Prometeon want to draw attention to the technology of cold fusion and in particular on the E-Cat developed by prof. Andrea Rossi, the system which will be released shortly in Italy by the company.

This fascinating and debated topic will provide an opportunity for discussion and comparison at various levels, including on our ability to accept and pursue the development of all those technologies, “border”, clearly identifiable as solutions with high risk / benefit ratio.


At 15:00

Mr. Franco Scolari – General Pordenone Technology
Greetings and introduction

At 15:30

Arch Gianvico Pirazzini – Leonardo Corporation
Introduction to the E-Cat

At 15:45

Mr. Fulvio Fabiani – Leonardo Corporation
The E-Cat: aspects of installation and safety

At 16:00

Mr. Andrea Rossi – Leonardo Corporation CEO of
E-Cat – Energy from cold fusion Nickel

At 16:30

Round Table – will be:

Dr. Salvatore Majorana Director of Technology Transfer IIT

Dr. Riccardo Sabatini SISSA Trieste – research group on computational modeling

Prof. Franco Battaglia ing Department. Materials and Environment University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Giovanni Petris Head Office environment, energy policy and the mountain region FVG

Dr. George Cecco Regional Coordinator FareAmbiente FVG

At 18:00

Paolo Santin Regional Councillor PDL Friuli Venezia Giulia Greetings closing