Progress from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

I chatted today with Bob Greenyer, one of the members of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, an organization whose goal is to provide irrefutable evidence of the reality and usefulness of LENR technology, or New Fire as they term it. It is clear the members of the MFMP have been active and busy in pursuing their goals, and new information is available on their web site,

The MFPP has decided that the best way for them to proceed at present is to work on a replication of the Celani cold fusion cell, and we can keep track of the progress of their work on their new Progress Blog which includes a detailed record in text and pictures of what they are doing.

Bob emphasized that his team is absolutely committed to carrying out their goals which are certainly ambitious. He assured me that there is more to come from the project and there will be a major push to involve as many people as possible in participating in their efforts to make sure that the New Fire makes a successful entrance onto the world stage.