Video Introducing the Hunt Utilities Group, Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Partners.

Here is a new video from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project introducing the Hunt Utilities Group, a non profit engineering organization based in Pine River, Minnesota, who have become involved in designing and building working models of the Francesco Celani cold fusion reactors that the MFMP will use to replicate Celani’s demonstration.

The MFMP is committed to demonstrating to the world that cold fusion is a practical energy source that can be used to help solve many of the world’s energy related problems. This video shows that they have been fortunate in being able to partner with what appears to be a very competent team with the expertise and resources to build the devices needed to demonstrate the New Fire.

It is clear from this video that the MFMP is engaged in a very serious effort. I know that substantial funds have already been committed to this project, and in the future more will be needed to bring this work to fruition. I will share more information about how people can help in the effort as I am made aware of it.