New Data to be Reported at Pordenone Meeting

I have been trying to find out more about what is going to be the subject of the October 12 meeting at the Polo Technologica in Purdenone, Italy. Andrea Rossi mentioned on his Journal of Nuclear Physics site that he would not be demonstrating his technology (I didn’t expect he would), but he would be presenting reports.

I emailed Rossi asking what might be subject of these reports might be, and he said that the only new part will be results of recent hot cat tests. So it sounds like that some of the same information presented in Zurich might be repeated. I notice that Rossi has only half an hour on the program, so I expect that he won’t go into too much detail. He took about three hours in Zurich to cover the report there.

I have been told by Rossi that I would receive a copy of the new information he will be presenting, but not sure when that will be. If any E-Cat World readers will be at this meeting, I am sure that everyone here would be interested in any reports that can be sent here, and would be grateful to hear any news. We’re always hungry for new E-Cat News!

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