Follow-Up With Aldo Proia About Hot Cat

As I have read comments about my recent interview with Aldo Proia, I have noticed that one item in the interview has recieve particular attention — his comment about the Hot Cat. I thought it was a good idea to follow up with him about it. Here is my question and his response.

ECW: One piece of information has brought up some questions, and I wonder if you might be able to provide some clarification. You said, “I have seen more times the Hot Cat, which in the old labs worked in self-sustaining mode for several months without interruption.”

I think that this statement surprised many people since it is has only been recently that Rossi has been talking about the Hot Cat, and also that the recent report on the Hot Cat was not running in self sustained mode.

Are you talking about an earlier experimental model of the Hot Cat? Also, when you mention self sustaining mode, do you mean that there was no drive applied to this device at all? Or intermittent drive and ssm?

AP: Dear Frank,
I am not authorized to disclose the details that I know on the Hot Cat instead of Eng. Rossi, however for the moment I can say publicly that:

1) Eng. Rossi doesn’t speak about a new possible product before experiments and tests, so it is not strange that he did not speak of the Hot Cat before being sure of its performance. His researchers have been working on Hot Cat for – at least! – three months.

2) I am sure that the last tested Hot Cat will literally surprise in positive the readers, I cannot say more. Probably, Rossi will anticipate something in Pordenone.

3) I cannot enter in the details of your questions in this phase, because they are correlated with the surprise, so stay tune!