Reflections on the Pordenone Hot Cat Report

The reports coming out of the Pordenone conference, along with the data from Rossi himself indicate to me there is something very important afoot with E-Cat technology. The biggest surprise is that after Rossi has been repeating the mantra of COP 6 for so long, he presents data showing a minimum COP of almost double that. There are still questions about the math he has released, but it seems clear that if the COP and temperatures he presents are confirmed, the E-Cat is a technology which far outshines any other available energy source, with the capability to power our world.

I have heard plenty of criticisms of Andrea Rossi, many from some of the staunchest believers in LENR, but to my mind I find it difficult to fault someone who has developed a ‘miracle’ technology and is committed to bringing it forward in order to change the world for the better. I find the man’s dogged determination and dedication to the development of his technology despite harsh criticism from many sources to be impressive, and I don’t think anyone can fault his work ethic.

I have followed with interest the discussions about whether open sourcing the E-cat would be the best and most moral approach for Rossi to take. My feeling on the topic is that given the reality of the current market-based capitalist system that exists in varying degrees in most parts of the world, a traditional business approach makes sense if the goal is to spread this technology far and wide as fast as possible. It will take a concentration of capital to get the best engineers, scientists and manufacturers involved in getting this technology out into the world where it can be put to use. Investors who put up the funds for these operations will want assurances that Rossi’s IP is not given away, and they be left with no returns.

I understand why many people look at this kind of business approach with distaste. In a perfect world things would be very different — ideally people would work on such projects for the good of all, and there would be no poor or disadvantaged people, as all needs would be supplied by a more just and equitable system. Believe me, that is the kind of world I would like to live in, but at the moment, given the realities of our current system, I don’t think realistic to expect Rossi to simply give away his intellectual property at this point.

The exciting thing about E-Cat technology is that it holds the promise of making possible a much more equitable and prosperous world. If this technology proliferates widely, it could have the effect of lessening economic inequality, easing poverty, and solving some of the most pressing social and environmental problems we face. This technology has the ability to turn economics on its head and allow for a world of abundance rather than scarcity. Unfortunately no technology can transform human nature, and I believe there will certainly be challenges involved in making a transition to a world of abundant energy given the many interests that are so heavily invested in the current energy balance of power.

Andrea Rossi may have opened a door to a new source of energy, but there will surely be others who improve upon his work and provide even greater advances in energy technology. Rossi himself credits Fleischmann and Pons for opening his mind to new possibilities, and other minds will be fired by Rossi’s work who could go on to do even greater things. What we are learning now could be just the beginning of amazing new discoveries.

I realize we don’t yet have the third party confirmation of Rossi’s claims, and I think it wise to hold celebrations in check. However, I am certainly encouraged by these recent developments. I personally cannot conceive how it is possible that Rossi is involved in a big scam, or is a deluded madman. The evidence I see continues to indicate that he has what he says.

Frank Acland