Aldo Proia: Pordenone Meeting 'Great Success', Good for Business.

A new interview with Prometeon srl CEO Aldo Proia following the Pordenone E-Cat meeting has been published by Italian web site Proia talks about the current state of his business affairs, and indicates that things are going well. When asked about the effect of the meeting in Italy he responds:

I can say that if the ‘ interest by some companies was already high before the conference of Pordenone, now it is even more . The comments that I recorded by these after the event, in fact, have been very positive and the business proposals vaguely mentioned by Rossi are highly attractive for an ‘ energy-consuming industry . I am therefore very pleased with what we have done so far, although we are definitely just the beginning.

A few key points that come out from the interview are:

  • The first product on the market will be the “Gas Cat” — i.e., a 1 MW plant which uses natural gas as the drive — it will be more economical in places where electricity is more than 9 cents per kW/h.
  • After a payback time of about 4 years, E-Cat users will save 80 percent on heating costs.
  • Italy and the United States are in pole position to be manufacturing bases of E-Cat products. The last place to get production facilities will be China, based on how intellectual property is treated there.
  • He expects to see Hot Cat products on the market within a year (Rossi states ‘within 2013’
  • He doesn’t expect that domestic E-Cat units will be available for two years based on certification requirements.
    Aldo Proia and Andrea Rossi with Hot Cat