Rossi: 'Leonardo Corp Will Not be the Same' [UPDATED]

I’m not sure what might be going on here, but are some comments from Andrea Rossi that will sure get the attention of E-Cat watchers:

Important news are on their way.


Leonardo Corp. will not be the same from the next week. I am in the USA, where an inportant event has been born from the last tests.

Rossi loves to talk about his work and his progress, but often he provides just enough information to keep people guessing. If Rossi’s reports from recent tests are accurate, I would not be surprised if he has received the attention of serious players in the energy world. If the Hot Cat does what Rossi says it does, it is a technology which surpasses anything in the market, and sooner or later important entities will start paying attention.


I thought this very recent exchange was relevant:

Dear Andrea,
Can you confirm whether this important news will delay the commercial availability of the warm/hot cat, or reduce the time to market?
I am worried that a big customer is buying Leonardo Corporation and the e-cat technology will be hidden away for a decade. Can you confirm that will not be the case?

Dear Mark Saker:
It will be the exact contrary.
Warm Regards,