"Big News" Speculation Thread [UPDATE: Don't expect news next week]

Since we have not much to go on regarding the “big news” that Andrea Rossi is teasing about, I thought it would be fun and possibly informative to try and guess what Andrea Rossi might be talking about when he says that after next week Leonardo Corp will not be the same.

One approach is the process of elimination. People are already asking Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what the big news might be. So far, based on Rossi’s responses to questions, here’s what can be eliminated:

Patent Approval

(Q: “Are you referring to the patent application? Are they granting the patent or do you refer to a technical achievement with your Hot Cat /PLants ?” A: No, it is not that the issue.)

Obtaining Stable Steam Output/Electricity

(Q: “I bet that the big news are that you obtained stable steam and, attaching a turbine, you obtained full self sustained mode without power input…” A: ” not yet, we aim at it.”)

Political Announcement/Endorsement

(I emailed Rossi and asked if there was any connection to the US Elections — got a VERY firm denial.)

I will add to this list as more information comes forward.

UPDATE: New Q & A on the JONP:

Q: What can we expect next week in terms of communication to us, fans? A small press release in JONP, a big public press release or no press release at all because you cannot share the news being too confidential?

A: Next week we will have no particular communications to make. We are working very hard here, in the USA.