Remarks by Leonardo Corporation's Gianvico Pirazzini

It was made public, both by eng. Rossi, and, above all, by prof. Focardi, his marvelous… sometimes he gives much information, that the COP in the laboratory has reached values of one to hundreds and hundreds of times what we had entered (also giving a scare to the people who were present).

We have envisaged to install, to customers of industrial Ecat, a double-connection, so that we can connect two containers in parallel for the customer. This removes the dead time due to the charging times of the Ecat: when the internal charge approximates its exhaustion (which we know by parameters known to us and by a remote control system), we arrive with a new container, we connect it, and when it is operating at full speed, we detach the container with the exhausted industrial Ecat and we take it away.

This is very important for two reasons, the first is that we don’t do any operation inside the container at the customer’s site, everything is done safely and, excuse the term, confidentially, in our facilities.

Second, considering the continuous evolution of the devices with which we are working, the continuous technological upgrades that we apply daily, the customer will always receive a more recent model than the one that he had initially “purchased”.

This means that, in the period of amortization of the initial investment, if he had calculated that it would take X years, with a COP of 1:6… to amortize it… I consider that once the production will go at full speed… I did projections that by 18 months we’ll surely arrive at a COP of 1:7, 1:8 and even 1:10. However, at present we have 1:6.

A recent purchase for the company, he has been an invaluable one, was an expert in control, security and monitoring systems. It is eng. Fabiani who has created a system of continuous check of each Ecat installed inside the container. In a few days we have collected a greater mass of data and multiple testings than we had collected in the previous two years of experimentation.

This is important for two reasons, the first is that if there are… we can give a swift service to the customer, the second is that, in order to get the validation of the home Ecat, we must provide a (excuse the misnomer) “literature”, that is a mass of documents proving over time the characteristics of quality, of operation, and above all safety.

Since being an appliance, in appliances… especially home ones, we work with the principle of similarity: this is similar to… and you do that… in the case of the Ecat there’s nothing on the market that we can take as an example… or to copy.

With regard to the industrial plant that I mentioned before, it provides output temperatures from 90° to 120° C and a pressure of 1 or 2 bar.

I repeat, we are not talking about a prototype, we’re not talking about an experiment, we are talking about a pre-series production. We are manufacturing them and give them to customers (which in the case of Italy is the Prometeon)… who want to use our technology.

The timetable from the moment of order confirmation with our Italian licensee, which is the Prometeon if I remember correctly… in two or three months we are able to meet the customer’s needs and fulfill the order.

The current situation is: we’re almost … the national and international patents that, rightly, must protect eng. Rossi’s intellectual property, are coming to fruition. First… second: the resources of Leonardo corporation currently… are for the most part employed on the aim to arrive as soon as possible at the production itself… the continued mass production of industrial containers.

Third, we do not hide that the eng. Rossi never manages to appease his creativity and he often causes difficulties to us [Fabiani nods], I speak from my experience: more than once I had to throw away weeks and weeks of work because I arrived in the lab, I showed the papers and what we had studied in function of Ecat model we had seen, after our … he listened with great courtesy, he told us “boys, you have worked very well but there is a small problem” he got up, opened the bag and showed us the latest born… we threw everything out and went back to work.

But as an excuse for eng. Rossi, is that every latest born put in mothballs the old one, because the new model was more efficient, it was more stable, it was easier, it was safer, it was smaller, it was … and we can’t still stop him… eng. Rossi.

However, regarding the industrial Ecat, with great difficulty… since we have an object that is powerful, working right, safe, reliable, and so on … regarding that, for low temperatures, the device is basically as it is.

Another important thing (and I end here, gentlemen), is that we fought (and I must say: so far successfully), to convince eng. Rossi to leave the company’s core business in Italy. I think that, at the current juncture, to have this industrial opportunity in Italy is important for our nation. Rossi has found obstacles in the past, he experienced sorrows in this State, but he also found people who believed in him, who trust in him and puts total faith in what he has created.

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