Another Forbes Article of Cold Fusion

Forbes columnist Mark Gibbs has followed up his October 20th article about the recent Defkalion GT reports with a new article entitled ‘Cold Fusion a Year Later’. It’s a year now since Andrea Rossi carried out his semi-public test on the 1 MW plant in Bologna, and in this column Gibbs discusses how after, a year on, he still is not convinced that cold fusion is going to be able to be a practical energy source.

In the piece Gibbs references an article by Kirk L. Shanahan of the Savannah River National Laboratory, titled “A Realistic Examination of Cold Fusion Claims 24 Years Later which is an in-depth critical review of the evidence for and against CF.

Gibbs, like many, is still not convinced, but he is one of very few journalists from well-known media outlets who is taking an active look at the topic, and not dismissing it out of hand. I am sure that he will continue to follow developments and report as progress takes place. While I am more positive and optimistic about the prospects for CF/LENR/E-Cat (etc.) than Gibbs seems to be, I’m glad he is reporting and helping to give this important technological field the attention it deserves.