From the BBC Archive : Too Close to the Sun

Here’s a very interesting video which I have recently come across, but was created back in 1994 for the BBC Horizons TV program. I found it  to be a surprisingly sympathetic treatment of the subject of Cold Fusion created five years after the Fleischmann and Pons announcement at the University of Utah, and it features some of the major players in field. Pons and Fleischmann are interviewed, along with Michael McKubre, Randall Mills, Eugene Mallove, and others. Also featured are Randall Mills of Blacklight Power, and Stanley Meyer, inventor of a purported free energy water fuel cell. Critics are also interviewed.

It’s quite a long piece — around 50 minutes — but a nice in-depth look at the origins of cold fusion and some of the people involved, especially Pons and Fleischmann, and it highlights how the discussion surrounding CF has barely changed over the years.