Prometeon SRL Launches Web Site, Offers E-Cat Products

The countdown clock has finally expired, and now Prometeon SRL’s web site is live. Prometeon is the exclusive Italian licensee for Leonardo Corporation’s E-Cat products and is led by Aldo Proia, CEO and commercial director. The site is of course in Italian, but with the help of Google Translate some interesting information is revealed.

At the moment Prometeon is listing five products:

1. E-Cat Electricity to Heat. This is a 1 MW heat producing plant (up to 120 C) powered by electricity. Recommended for use where a reliable gas supply is not available.

2. Gas Cat. This is a 1 MW heat producing plant which is driven by gas instead of electricity. It is said to be more economical than the electricity-driven plant.

3. Hot Cat (Not yet on the market — in ‘advanced stages of research and development’). It is listed as producing temperatures of 600 C, and recommended for industrial processes that require high temperatures, and for the production of electricity.

4. E-Cat Pure Electric Stand Alone. (Not expected to be available before the summer of 2013.) This plant will have electricity as an output will apparently produce enough surplus electricity to power itself. No external power beyond a start up generator is needed. Recommended for industries or utilities.

5. Combined thermal-electric E-Cat. (Not on the market) A plant that provided both heat and electricity for industrial settings.

Pricing is not provided, but a payback period of around four years is mentioned. It appears that price will be negotiable based on a number of factors, including the customers current costs of power. Regarding time to order, Prometeon states, “For products already on the market, is max. 4 months from the order, unless saturation of the production capacity for large orders, in which case the time may be longer.”

The site has FAQs covering technical questions, and a couple of reports dealing with measurement of radiation from the E-Cats. Prometeon claims that there are more dangerous x-rays emitted by tube TVs and CRT computer monitors than from the E-Cat which is perfectly safe to sleep next to.

Regarding the future, Prometeon brings up an opportunity for investors:

In the future, perhaps by the end of 2013, the ‘ E -Cat power can be a form of financial investment highly profitable for investors and for the pure provider of energy, which can buy plants to sell electricity directly energy on the spot where it is needed. In fact, the modular power plant technology-based E -Cat will allow maximum flexibility in this regard. This will further facilitate the spread of E -Cat power in industrial and civil.

There’s lots of interesting content here. It will all become more meaningful and impressive once we get confirmation of at least one of these products being put into action.