Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Starts Celani Replication

As the MFMP continues its work on demonstrating the reality of LENR as viable source of energy they are chronicling their progress on their website. At the moment they are focusing their efforts on replicating Francesco Celani’s LENR reactor and right now it looks like the are in the calibration stages of the experiment.

Here’s a description from their site on how they are proceeding:

The purpose of our initial replication is to convince ourselves that the effect is real and that we can re-create it. If we convince others with our first replication, that’s great, but it is not the most important goal. There are innumerable questions about Celani’s wire and the phenomenon of it producing heat that demand an almost infinite number of variations on the experiment. Our aim is to develop the apparatus and the methodology to demonstrate to our own satisfaction that this is real and worth the effort of facilitating the widespread replications.

We did not recreate the apparatus exactly as he had it partly at Celani’s own urging that we make it safer. We added a safety shield and used quartz glass so tolerate higher temperatures

Below is a video of the unboxing of the Celani reactor that was sent to the European part of the team.


I hear there will be more coming from the MFMP as they attempt to bring more visibility to their work.