Aldo Proia on Early E-Cat Sales

Prometeon SRL CEO Aldo Proia, E-Cat licensee for Italy, has conducted a new interview with Italian journalist Alessandro Securo in which he answers questions about the current status of selling the E-Cat.

Much of what Proia says is not new, but I get the impression from his answers that there are delicate discussions taking place regarding who will be early customers. He talks about the “early stage” of E-Cat sales and marketing taking at least 6 months, before mass marketing begins.

He also indicates that new technological developments with the technology are taking place which will allow for features to be added that today seem “almost impossible”.

It has always seemed to me that introducing the E-Cat into the marketplace will be a difficult process not so much from a technological standpoint, but from a business one. If you were a company looking for a competitive advantage, it may not be in your interest to signal to your competitors that you had a way to drastically reduce your energy overhead costs. It’s likely that early adopters might want some kind of assurance from Prometeon and Leonardo that they have priority when it comes to new products and upgrades.

As far as the public getting to see these new plants in action, Proia emphasizes that the decision to reveal them rests with the customers.

I don’t have permission to publish the interview here. Here’s a link to a Google translation.