Sven Kullander on the E-Cat

Many thanks to Hampus Ericsson for sending me this report of a conversation he had with Sven Kullander, professor emeritus of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University in Sweden. (Edited slightly for English grammar)

One year ago I went to see Sven Kullander’s lecture about nuclear fission/fusion [given at Orebro University in Sweden on November 23rd, 2011]. In that lecture he also talked about cold fusion and his visit to Andrea Rossi. After the lecture I wrote a small wall post about it in the Facebook group “Cold fusion Andrea Rossi”. The wallpost quickly spread all across the Webb and became read by many.

Later at a train station I see Sven Kullander, I collected my courage (Swedish people are very shy) and started a conversation. I found out that Sven is really nice and we ended up talking the whole trip to Uppsala.

We talked about cold fusion (ofc) and his views on Andrea Rossi. He told me about his deep respect for Focardi and how collaboration with him really makes Rossi look good. Sven also said that the reason why only he in the academic field takes cold fusion seriously is because he will soon retire and are not afraid of ruining his carrier.

I told him about the huge debate Andrea Rossi have made in the Internet and that thousands of people (including me) are following every little thing that happens in this field. Sven is shocked at this and tells me that he gets his updates from telephone calls with Mats Lewan (Ny Teknik) and Andrea Rossi.

When I asked him who bought the industrial plant he told me that it was The Naval Research lab in USA. I know I can trust him because he gets his information directly from Andrea or Mats Lewan.

When we got closer to our destination I asked him a little more strongly: How can you be sure that your test on the ecat was correct? Can it all be a scam?

“There is always the possibility that Rossi is fooling everyone but then he most be the best magician in the world. We (Sven and Hanno Essen) checked everything, we looked for wires in the whole room. We could not see any trace of a fraud.”

I felt that Sven really meant this, he had seen the ecat he had touched it. I trust that Sven knew what he was doing and that his measurements were correct.

I left that train VERY reassured that Rossi has something.

In respect to Sven I decided not to mention any of this, I didn’t want Sven to get in trouble with Rossi. But now one year later I feel more comfortable sharing my experience.

Mvh John Olov Hampus Ersa Ericsson