Perhaps Still this Month

Here’s a little bulletin from Daniele Passerini on regarding the long-awaited hot cat validation report. (Thanks to ECW reader Renzo for the non-google translation from the original Italian!)

Please have a little patience for news about the E-Cat that you’ve been waiting – as I do – for months after months. I can now tell you that:
1. those independent tests so much expected and delayed are now almost concluded;
2. experimental setting, instrumentation (National Instruments, of course), calibration, procedures, records and so on… this time are “watertight”;
3. nothing is left but the time required to document and communicate all in the standard mode used by the scientific community and those responsible for the tests will certainly do it as accurately as possible.

Passerini is in Bologna and seems to be in contact with some of the key people who are involved in writing this report — people who have yet to be identified. When I recently asked Andrea Rossi if a prediction by ‘Francesco CH’ on who said that the report would be published somewhere around Nov 20-30 was correct, he replied that the timing does not depend on him.

Hopefully these two pieces of information are not too far off the mark, and the report will soon be published.