Usage Statistics for E-Cat World

There are some readers who have expressed interest in the readership of E-Cat World, so I thought I would post some usage statistics.

Here are some numbers for the last 30 days gathered from Google Analytics. The number of visitors fluctuate somewhat depending what what is in the news, but these figures are fairly typical for the past year.

Total number of visits to the site: 187,962
Unique visitors: 50,625
Pageviews: 402,328
Returning visitors: 79.35%
New visitors: 20.65%

Top 10 countries by number of visits

1. United States 56,140
2. Italy 18,297
3. Sweden 15,572
4. Germany 13,644
5. United Kingdom 13,457
6. Canada 8,293
7. France 5,511
8. Netherlands 5,160
9. Australia 4,735
10. Finland 4,233

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