Rossi: No More Interviews Until 1 MW Plant Made Public

Andrea Rossi has issued the following statement regarding conducting interviews. I’m glad he made his position clear, because I have been considering requesting an interview with him.

I am receiving many requests of interview in this period, and I am spamming all of them. This comment is the answer for all: I will not release any more interview of any kind until the 1 MW plant for civil use will be presented to the public. This decision has been agreed upon between our new US Partner and the Trust that owns Leonardo Corp. We think any interview in this period is simply useless, because we have nothing to add to what we have already said, while we have an enormous work to do.
I will continue to answer to the questions put on this blog from the readers of the Journal Of Nuclear Physics, though, because this blog is useful to us: here we learn, many times.
Warm Regards,

While it’s always interesting to hear Rossi talk (his spoken responses are usually longer and more detailed than his written ones), I can understand this position. And recently his answers to repeated question have always been pretty much the same, so it is fairly easy to predict what his responses will be to many questions — mainly ‘wait and see’ answers. He says that the plant for the US customer will be installed in February 2013, and that it won’t be unveiled for at least 1-2 months after installation — so we could be looking at around May 2013 for the next interview.