Pirelli High School LENR Conference on Dec 4th

Daniele Passerini’s 22passi.blogspot.com site has an announcement of the IIS Conference of Pirelli to be held in Rome on December 4. The event is sponsored partly by ISPRA, the Institute for Protection and Environmental Research, an agency within the Italian government.

Here’s a Google translated agenda:

0. Introduction to the activities promoted by the Institute in the past (in particular, the solar system for the extraction of drinking water from the atmosphere built by the students of Pirelli and donated to a school in the Congo)
1. Welcome to the IIS Manager L. Pirelli

2. Greetings from the ministerial authorities

3. Presentation of the work plan

4. Reports and / or video interviews:
Emilio Del Giudice – the theoretical framework of LENR
Francesco Celani – the experimental framework
Antonella De Ninno – ENEA experience on the production of helium
Allan Widom – the theory of electronic cooperation
Yogendra Srivastava – experimental prospects for the best reaction conditions
Domenico Cirillo – evidence of neutron emission and transmutation

5. Dr. L. Magro (ISPRA) – hypothesis of selective measurements of tracers for LENR

6. Presentation by pupils Pirelli, the activities of this school year

7. Presentation of movies related to the documentation of the achieved overunity

8. Association “All Rights”, setting criteria for an environmental impact study (and man) of the new techniques of energy production

9. Presentation of the results of the most recent experimental campaign

10. illustration of the operation LIVE conference room (obviously with electric heating and not LENR) of the apparatus built from September to November in Pirelli for measuring energy yield of LENR

11. presentation of an analogy between artificial neural network and structure of the physical space in order to reach a quantum model of orientation for guiding the continuation of research

12. debut of the official website where follow the progress of the trial OPEN SOURCE
For now I’ll stop here. I add only that there will be a nice surprise for readers of 22 steps of love and its surroundings.