Cold Fusion in the Local Paper

Many people have been surprised and disappointed that there has been little coverage of cold fusion related topics in mainstream media sources. For many of us who have been following events over the last couple of years consider it to be a topic of great significance as it has the potential to revolutionize the way energy is produced.

One way of getting news out is of course via the internet on sites like this. But readership is limited mainly to people who are already interested in the topic. To reach the wider public is more difficult if the popular media is not interested.

Another approach that can be taken, is by using local media sources to share information about cold fusion. This is what Mark Saker, a British business analyst, has done by writing a column titled, “Are we on the cusp of unlimited energy?” for his local newspaper, the Rutland and Stamford Mercury. The article is not yet on the paper’s web site, but an image is attached.

Saker gives a brief overview of the history and theory of cold fusion, and focuses on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat as a practical cold fusion technology. It’s a well-written article that will be easily understandable by the non-expert reader, and having it in a local newspaper could interest people who might not have yet heard much, if anything, about the topic.