MFMP Team Questions Some Celani Conclusions

In a post on the Quantum Heat web site, the HUG team in Minnesota make some observations about the Celani cell that are causing them to question some of the measurements that Francesco Celani assumes to be excess heat. In the post titled “A Partial Explanation” there is a detailed analysis of the relationship between power output of the cell, and the reduction of gas pressure within the sealed cylinder. In the post, Ryan Hunt details various tests the team carried out and makes this statement:

As a preliminary result, it appears that this pressure related temperature change in Hydrogen could account for the vast majority of the demonstrated rise in power in Celani’s graph above the 10 watt baseline that the run starts at. It is unclear to me how he established his base line for that experiment that resulted in showing approximately 10 watts during the loading in the blended gas, and at the start of the Hydrogen phase.

This explanation does not at all address the measured gamma rays coinciding with hot spots in the wire. It also does not address the test runs he mentions in the calorimeter.

Ryan says that he has been in touch with Celani who has responded that he is happy to work with the team and answer any question. The MFMP team is getting a lot of input from “the crowd” on their site, and seem to be very happy with the ideas they are getting from many posters. It’s nice to see the open science approach that is made possible by the Internet taking place in this project.