Celani Announces 3rd Party Replication

Francesco Celani has sent a letter to 22Passi.blogspot.com announcing a successful 3rd party replication of his LENR system, which apparently has been improved since he did the demonstration at NI Week in Texas earlier this year. A translation of his letter has been posted on the vortex-l and reads as follows:

Dear Colleagues,

as requested, I am attaching a copy of the 2 slides about the first INDEPENDENT
replication of thermal anomalies using nano-Constantan wires, according to our
procedures regarding the preparation of the material.
The experiments were carried out in complete autonomy, by researchers (experts)
affiliated to a major international industry.

Please note the following:

– The reactor used is COMPLETELY different from the one we developed and used.
As a result, the probability of a systematic error in the measurements has
become highly unlikely;
– Calorimetric measurements [were performed] and are not only thermometric (as
used by us, in the specific case);
– They used only 20 cm of wire, ie a fifth of that used by us;
– The wire used is a “base”, type 2L, ie with only TWO layers of nanomaterial.
Usually use wires with 200-700 layers.
– Regarding the thermal anomalies, they begin with temperatures higher than
those typically found with wires of 200-700 layers. The magnitude ​​of the
anomalies, normalized to a standard [wire] length, is approximately half of
those seen with the wires from 200-700 layers.

The “mechanical” robustness of the wires seems to be unchanged.
Apart from my brief preview, the data SHOULD be presented and thoroughly
discussed before December 15, by the authors of the measurements.

Thanks for your attention,
Francesco CELANI

The two slides mentioned by Celani are available here and show the company that carried out the tests is STMicrolectronics, a French-Italian electronics manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland.


The second slide shows excess heat produced by the system of up to 1.16 Watts at temperatures of 350 C (No input power data is provided)

Bob Greenyer of the MFMP has now commented about this replication, saying that his team had knowledge about this replication, but were not authorized to make it public. He writes:

Since this is outed into a public forum by Celani in a way that has allowed redactions to be removed we are probably not bound by our agreement to keep the knowledge private.

We have been aware of this successful replication of Celani’s version of the New Fire by a 3rd party for several weeks. Knowledge of the findings was meant to be embargoed until the middle of this month.

This is an important step in this journey to light the New Fire and has been a great encouragement to our own efforts.

We look forward to the publication of the research and data being brought forward.