OT: A Different Anomaly — The Coulombe Device

This post is off-topic in terms of LENR/Cold Fusion, but not irrelevant when it comes to scientific anomalies. I have been assisting a group of friends in the creation of a web site about the work of French-Canadian inventor Maurice Coulombe, who died last year.

The site revolves around the study of a device invented by M. Coulombe that appears to show a mechanical anomaly which so far does not seem to have a satisfactory explanation. The video below demonstrates the anomaly in question which shows that two objects of the same mass when acted upon by an identical force behave differently under certain circumstances.

The research group mentioned on the site refers to itself as the ORT (Our Research Team) and is in possession of one of the devices built by Maurice Coulombe. Tests on it continue, and data from various experiments will be published as time goes on. Tests carried out so far on the device have been able to replicate the results demonstrated by M. Coulombe.

There are photos, videos, articles and other documents on the web site. The purpose of putting the site up is to try and generate interest and use the wisdom of the crowd to try and understand what is going on with this device. There may be a simple explanation which has eluded observers so far.

Comments are most welcome both here, or at www.coulombedevice.com